Saturday, 28 September 2013

Creative cards with Sheet no. 3DCE13001

I have always said that the nicest thing about designing stitching patterns, is to see what creative people make with them.  These cards prove yet again just how creative people can be with just one pattern.  Absolutely gorgeous.. every single one of them!!  Thank you for sharing!

Card made by Sue using a Nellie Snellen Folding Die.

Frances has made a lovely Christmas card with this pattern using the image from sheet no. 3DCE13006

A nice autumn card with sunflowers by Sonni.

Another awesome card made by Sue.  I bet the birthday recipient loved receiving this card :)

If you have made some cards using the 3D Card Embroidery Sheets, then feel free to email then to me and I will be more then happy to place them here.

Cards with Sheet no. 3DCE13006

Another selection of beautiful cards made by Frances and Sonni.

The first 2 cards are made by Frances. She has turned the pattern around and mixed and matched her cards with images from both of the christmas sheets no. 3DCE13005 & 3DCE13006.  The borders and stickers give them a lovely finishing touch.

Card made by Sonni. She used a 3D image from Precious Marieke. I don't know what stencils she used, but sure looks awesome :)

Cards made by Lisanne

Here are some beautiful cards made by Lisanne.  I love the way she has made the Bonnet girl into a scrapcard :)

Made with the pattern sheet no. 3DCE13003

Pattern Sheet no. 3DCE13004

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Cards with Sheet 3DCE13002

Hi All,

After a long summer break I am busy with 6 new 3D Card Embroidery Sheets. In the meantime I would like to share some lovely cards made by my DT using our first series of sheets.

Card made by Sharon
 Card made by Sharon
 Card made by Sue
As you can see, your creativity has no limits with these stitching patterns. Combine them with your favorite materials and techniques to create beautiful cards like the samples made by Sharon using sheet no. 3DCE13002