Wednesday 18 September 2013

Cards with Sheet 3DCE13002

Hi All,

After a long summer break I am busy with 6 new 3D Card Embroidery Sheets. In the meantime I would like to share some lovely cards made by my DT using our first series of sheets.

Card made by Sharon
 Card made by Sharon
 Card made by Sue
As you can see, your creativity has no limits with these stitching patterns. Combine them with your favorite materials and techniques to create beautiful cards like the samples made by Sharon using sheet no. 3DCE13002


  1. Sharon, your cards are sooooooo beautiful.

    Ann, thankyou for designing these beautiful patterns, without them, we wouldn't make such beautiful cards.

    Hugs Sue

  2. bonjour, je suis en France, pourriez vous me dire où je peux acheter vos fiches s'il vous plait ? merci beaucoup et bravo pour ces merveiles. Marie